Laundry Soap and Guilt

Laundry soap! Yes, I make my own. I’m really sensitive to scents and I don’t like a lot of the chemicals and dyes that manufacturers put into laundry soap.

Normally, I make it with soap that I buy from a local friend of mine, but although her soap is amazing, it is a bit pricey to pulverize and clean Hubby’s work clothes with. I still buy her soap, but I use it for hand soap and body soap as it leaves your skin squeaky clean and sooooo soft. For laundry soap, I found some soap that a local produce store sells that doesn’t seem to have any nasty stuff and is only about five bucks for five bars.

So, anyway, instructions!


You will need about a cup of Borax, about a cup of Washing Soda, and about 4 ounces (roughly one bar) of any soap of your choice. You chop up the soap, dump everything in the blender, and whir away! If it seems a little clumpy to you, add a little extra washing soda and Borax.

This batch made a quart and a cup of laundry detergent for me this time. It normally varies, but mostly ends up at a little over a quart. I use 1/8th of a cup of soap for each load, sometimes less if it is just something like towels. It doesn’t seem like much, but it gets my Hubby’s nasty work clothes that I sometimes wear gloves to handle clean, and it gets Mr. Bubble’s cloth diapers clean.

Now for the guilt… Beware, I am about to post a scary picture.


Yup. That was my computer desk, that I was actually thinking wasn’t that bad. I mean, there was enough room for the cat to lay down so it obviously wasn’t that bad. Right…

Anyway, I have been reading this blog and she inspired me to go ahead and clean my desk up, starting with the easy stuff. So I shooed that cat (do cats count as clutter?) and moved my knitting to the handy knitting basket… about eight inches over. All in all, it took me about twenty minutes to get this area cleaned up, and that is including the time I took to fix my mother-in-laws sweater and write out three recipes into my cookbook from a scrap of paper I found.

It now looks like this.


And I feel incredibly guilty that I put it off for so long, but very good that it finally looks better.

Also, you can see my friend’s soap here. She is not paying me to post this, I just really like her products! (The peppermint chocolate is my favorite.)


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