Normal is Subjective, I Guess

Today I really didn’t do anything blog worthy. I painted a shelf, set up a laundry sorting system, made cabbage soup, and chased a hyper toddler. Any of which I guess could make a blog post, but I am not very good about taking pictures when I have either paint, drool, or sausage drippings on my hands. What am I saying is, I’m just not good at remembering to take pictures.

I am proud of myself in that I did the dishes and moved the laundry through. It’s so easy when you do it every day, but it is also so easy to put off because, “There aren’t that many,” and before you know it you have dishes piled to the ceiling and you can’t walk in the laundry room. It surprises me a little how easy it is to remember to wipe the stove down when it isn’t piled with “soaking” pans.

I have some pumpkin snack cakes in the oven and a worm farm on the kitchen counter, so basically things are pretty normal around here. What? You don’t have a worm farm in your kitchen? Huh.


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