I Love Libraries

Hubby got rained out of work today (if it is raining too hard his job is too dangerous so they send everyone home.) so I got to go to the library earlier than this weekend. A building of free (if you remember to return them on time) books is just heaven for me. And the closest library to me is the one I grew up going to so I have many fond memories in the place.

So we went to the library to finally return a DVD that we had accidentally left in the computer and returned just an empty case. Oops. When we arrived, we were informed that is was Storytime. Which is awesome, because Mr. Bubbles loves to be read to! As in, he loves to be read to so much that I have to hide his books except for right before bedtime because otherwise he follows me around all day asking me to read to him. He sat, enraptured, for the entire five books that were read with barely a wiggle and many a smile. During the reading, I noticed one of my favorite kid’s books on the shelf and snagged it to read to him tonight. The Spider and the Fly.


Speaking of bugs! Here is my worm nursery. Normally it would be kept in a dark place, but these little guys were just moved in so they keep trying to explore. Until they settle in and realize that there is easy food right there I have to keep them in the light so they don’t wander off and dehydrate to death. After maybe a week or so I can put them in their home beneath the sink.

And even though my routine was thrown off by Hubby being home today, I still managed to move the laundry through and do the dishes.


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