Rice Junk

I had a midwife’s appointment today so my sister-in-law brought her kids and spent the afternoon with me so that she could drive me there and back. By the time I had finished up with my awesome midwife, I was hungry and tired and found myself eying every restaurant we drove past. I decided that even though I was tired, I would go ahead and make supper for everyone at home because with both me and my sister-in-law pregnant we need to watch our sodium and getting three kids to behave in a restaurant seemed like an even bigger hassle than cooking. So I made rice junk. Minimal dishes made, didn’t take that long, and I’ve yet to meet a person that didn’t like it. I’ll share my family’s “recipe” but no pictures because I didn’t think to take any.

This isn’t a normal recipe as my family tends to cook things until “they look right”, so I’ll be making guesses as to how much of everything I used to feed six people with half of a pot leftover. You can change it however you think “looks right”.

3 cups uncooked rice
1 pound ground beef
1 can northern beans
2-3 cups frozen mixed vegetables

Brown the ground beef and cook the rice. When the rice is cooked, throw in the drained can of beans, the drained ground beef, and the mixed vegetables. Start shredding cheese into the pot until it is looks cheesy enough. Stir everything together until cheese is melted and serve.


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