I’m a master at procrastination. I’m less of a master at getting things done at the last minute, two traits that do not go well together. I didn’t manage to get the dishes done yesterday so I now have two days of dishes in my sink, on the counters, and on the stove. I started them this morning but due to me having put off getting ready for church until the last minute, I only managed to wash the plates and cups before I had to rush to pack the diaper bag, get Mr. Bubbles dressed, do my hair, and just barely make it out the door in time.

My laziness says that I already washed the dishes that I’ll need tonight because we are just having leftovers so I can put off the rest till tomorrow.

My “knowbettter” says that I’m planning on doing a lot of cooking tomorrow and I’m less likely to get it done if I have to wash all the pans and cutting boards before I can even hope to start.

I guess I’ll forgo a lazy Sunday afternoon and do the dishes tonight. It’s not like it takes way less time than I think it will. Every. Single. Time.


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