Lemon Flavored Nostalgia

Hubby is a few years older than I so he has some child hood memories that were a bit before my time. One such memory that he has is of lemon Girl Scout cookies, something that I didn’t know had existed until he told me about them. They aren’t made anymore and they are his absolute favorite cookie, so I had to make them for him, as I have to at least try to make anything he raves about. I looked around and found a recipe and a little while later I succeeded. He loves them so I am happy with a job well done.

Mr. Bubbles was happy with my baking experiment as well. After I zested and juiced a lemon for the recipe, I saw this little hand feeling around the edge of the counter. He managed to grab one of the lemon halves and ran off with it. I let him, figuring he would taste it and give it back. Nope. He ate the whole thing, pith and all.

Also, a word of warning to those who decide to make homemade snack cakes: They don’t have preservatives in them, so I highly recommend storing them in the freezer or fridge. I had made some pumpkin snack cakes but forgot to put them in the fridge so they molded after just a few days.


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