Planting Season!

Started my seedlings! Today I planted bell peppers, sweet marjoram, thyme, English lavender, Greek oregano, rosemary, and ground cherries. After they sprout I’ll be moving them out into the garden.

I’m very excited about the ground cherries. They’re a native fruit where I live, and supposedly voracious self seeders. I’m planning on planting most of them in my garden, but some of them are going beneath my pecan trees. I’m hoping that they’ll make themselves at home there so I’ll have plenty of low maintenance fruit for Mr. Bubbles to munch on and hopefully enough for me to get some as well. We’ll see how that works out!

Planting season starts in two weeks in my area. I’m hoping I’ll have my garden tilled in time to get the spring veggies in. I’ve never successfully grown peas because of the heat and I’m hoping to succeed this time by planting them early enough in the spring. Especially as I love peas and everything tastes better when you grow it yourself.

Mmmmm Home grown snap peas…


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