So Sleepy…

Hubby just went back onto second shift at work. We love second shift, but going from getting up at four in the morning to going to bed at two in the morning over just one weekend is rough. Mr. Bubbles is having the hardest time, but he is slowly adjusting.

Today I managed to get my yarn stash out of the bins it has been laying in and moved them onto a shelf in a semi-organized fashion. I also gave some of it away to someone who might actually use the scraps in question.

There really isn’t much I can think of to write that might be interesting or funny. I’m having a pretty severe allergy attack from kicking up dust and I’m tired from the sudden schedule change.

I don’t deal with schedule changes well. If everything could happen at the exact same time every single day I would be quite pleased. But life doesn’t work that way.

So I still did the laundry.


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