I’m So Excited!

You know those packs of baby food that are so great for when you are on the go or for just letting your kid feed themselves? Mr. Bubbles goes through anywhere from eight to ten of those every week, which when you are buying the organic ones can add up very quickly.

Well, my sister-in-law noticed some pouches at the store where you can fill them yourself with homemade baby food or applesauce! I did the math and it is soooooo much cheaper. Hubby bought the stuff I needed and now I have a weeks worth of easy snacks (plus some for Mr. Bubble’s supper tonight) in the fridge for about five bucks. Compared to the twenty we were spending every week, I would say this was a worth while investment.

Eventually I would like to get the reusable ones to cut down on the amount of plastic I throw away and eliminate the need to buy more empty pouches.

This week Mr. Bubbles is getting banana/butternut squash. When he eats all of those I think I’ll make some sweet potato/apple or something along those lines.

I am so excited about all of the options! I can make anything I want, most likely using whatever happens to be in season or on sale at the time, and I will know exactly what is going into my baby’s tummy.

I’m one happy mama.


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