I Am Tired

I didn’t sleep too well last night because Hubby was gone. He got out of work to discover that someone had wrecked our car in the parking lot and so he was out for several hours calling insurance and all that. The poor man was up all night dealing with that mess and then he had to turn around and go back to work just a few hours after he finally got home.

Even though he was up all night he still took Mr. Bubbles and me to the library for story time because he is awesome like that.

I managed to make up some more freezer lunches for him this afternoon. I made chicken Alfredo hot-pockets, pepperoni and sausage hot-pockets, and pumpkin snack cakes.

I used the calzone crust recipe and just tore slightly larger than a golf ball sized hunks of it off to make the pockets. For the filling I used a couple cans of chicken (next time I’ll try to cook up my own chicken), some chopped carrots, celery, and garlic, and some Alfredo sauce Hubby picked up at the store. I just stuffed it into the crust, pinched it shut, and baked it for 15 minutes.
For the pepperoni and sausage ones I just mixed some turkey sausage and pepperoni with some marinara sauce.

I think I made enough for about a week and a half, unless he starts snacking on them when he’s home. Whole grains, some sneaky veggies, and way fewer preservatives mean I’m okay with him eating them fairly often and he seems to think they are tasty enough to eat one whenever he remembers they are in the freezer.

I also walked a mile today. My entire lower body is protesting, but that just means I’m getting stronger. Mr. Bubbles loves sitting back in the stroller and watching the trees go by. He especially loves it when one of the neighbor’s dogs comes out to bark at us so he can practice his own bark.


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