We Must Go Cheaper!

So, I made some frozen burritos for Hubby’s lunches again. This time though, I made my own re-fried beans to cut the cost even more.

Last night I soaked two cups of dried beans in some water and when I woke up I drained them and tossed them in the crockpot with fresh water to cook while I did more entertaining things.

Things like going to the library and the produce store and taking a nap.

After the beans were nice and soft I drained them and tossed them into a pan with about a pound of ground beef that I had cooked last shopping trip and frozen. I seasoned them liberally with garlic (of course), a bit of red pepper, and some fiesta lime seasoning mix. Then I just stirred and cooked until the hamburger was hot and the beans had kinda mushed into a paste.

There was enough to make ten large burritos, only eight of which made it into the freezer because I gave two of them to Papa for supper.

You can probably skip the soaking step if you want to save time, but soaking them really cuts down on the gassy nature of beans so I don’t recommend skipping.


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