Thinking Ahead

I was proud of myself last week. I planned out every meal I was going to make and shopped accordingly. We went to the produce store and stocked up on all of the fresh veggies I would need and I carefully stored them according to how soon I was going to use them.

One problem though.

We bought all of those wonderful veggies right before the weekend. How is that a problem, you ask?

Well, I don’t cook on the weekends.

Saturdays I go over to my in-laws for supper so I don’t cook on Saturdays. Sunday I’m too tired from church so if we don’t go over to my in-laws for supper we just eat leftovers. And the icing on this situation is, Monday I had a doctors appointment so we ate out. Three days without cooking plus how fast food rots where I live equals a lot of wasted money.

The child-sized bunch of collard greens molded, as did the turnips greens, and the bell peppers withered away.

The lesson I learned? Don’t go grocery shopping on a Friday.


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