Spring Planting!

I just finished the spring planting! I don’t have to plant anything else until March when the frosts should be over with. I’ve planted arugula, radishes, peas, turnips, beets, nasturtiums, borage, carrots, and some marigolds at the end of the rows to help discourage bugs.

Next year I hope to plant more, but for now I’m just seeing how much I’m able to do with a toddler and a baby on the way. I have a tendency to over-commit myself so I’m trying to make a point of under-committing until I learn my limits.

I still need to finish mounding up the rows in the other half of the garden before I can mulch it, but after that most of the back breaking work is done. The rest is just picking out a few undesired weeds, maintenance, seasonal plantings, and (hopefully) harvest.



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