Things Are Accomplished

Today I ran out of laundry soap when I put Mr. Bubbles’ diapers in the wash so I drug out the blender and whipped up another batch. After I had cleaned everything thoroughly, I decided to go ahead and make up some baby food packs while I had the blender out. Ten minutes later, I had a weeks worth of tropical fruit packs in the freezer. I gave one to Mr. Bubbles for approval, and judging by the way he sucked it down and started begging for another one, I think he likes them.

I’ve been walking a mile a day for a while now but I’m still waiting for it to not be so exhausting. It’s probably because I need more iron, but until I order the supplement I’m supposed to be taking I have to remember to do the dishes and laundry before I walk otherwise I’m too tired to get anything done. (I remembered today!)

Well, I’m not too tired to knit. I can work on next year’s Thanksgiving/Christmas presents even if I’m too tired to fold another load of laundry.

Today I:

Did all of the dishes
Washed diapers
Put away a load of laundry
Walked a mile
Started someone’s Thanksgiving present
Made a week’s worth of healthy snacks for my son
Made energy bars for myself


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