The Best Laid Plans…

Today I planned to make freezer pizzas for Hubby. I have all of the stuff I need to make yummy sausage and bell pepper pizzas.

For supper I made boiled turnips (the root, not the greens) and barbeque hamburger patties. I like to hide a couple of potatoes in the turnips for a bit of texture, but when I reached into the ten pound bag of russet potatoes, the first one I grabbed was rotten.

So I dumped the whole bag into the sink, tossed the rotten ones in the compost, and peeled and sliced the others to make steak fries to store in the freezer. I have about seven pounds of steak fries cooling on the counter that don’t have any preservatives or additives in them, and it didn’t take too long to rescue three bucks worth of taters. Hmm… three bucks for a bag of potatoes versus four for a bag of steak fries that has only half as much…

Anyway, I went ahead and cooked up a giant package of ground beef while I was making the steak fries. That was also bagged up into two pound portions and tossed in the freezer for whenever I might need some pre-cooked beef. Eventually I will start making gluten free meatballs and hamburger patties, but for now I just cook it and wrap it.

So I got a lot done this evening, just not the pizzas I had been planning.


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