Things Are Growing!

So, it is the first week of March and according to my carefully organized seeds, it is time to plant some more stuff!

The forecast said that there was a 0% chance of rain today so I grabbed my gardening basket and herded a very excited Mr. Bubbles out the door. Halfway through planting the fancy heirloom corn it started raining. At first I started grabbing all of my tools to head inside, but Mr. Bubbles had already discovered a puddle beneath the eaves of the porch and was soaked thoroughly, so I just shrugged and kept on working. Saves me from having to water the garden when I’m done planting.

Before I headed to the front porch to hose the mud off of Mr. Bubbles I had planted some zucchini, some yellow squash, cucumbers, Blue Jade corn, red giant sunflowers, and of course more turnips.

All of my pea plants have sprouted! Yay! A couple of radishes are finally poking their heads up as well, but they don’t seem to have the same tolerance for being sat on by felines as the arugula does so I might have to replant. The arugula is growing very quickly and some of the turnips I planted at the beginning of the season have sprouted as well.

Not bad for a garden that is minimally weeded (most of the weeds in my garden are edible) and has never been watered by anything other than the sky.


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