So Glad I Looked!

My mom has a chronic illness and many, many, many allergies related to that illness. Because of that, she has a very limited diet.

Today is my dad’s birthday so I made a pound cake for Hubby and him, and a gluten free spice cake for Mr. Bubbles and me. Unfortunately, my mom can’t have either because of her allergies.

So, I decided to snoop around the internet to see if I could find something she could have to join in on the celebration. And I found something! It’s gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free, and every other “free” she needs! I altered this recipe to make it with honey instead of sugar so it would be easier on her blood sugar, and because I don’t have any maple sugar on hand.

Now, if you make these, and you aren’t used to gluten free, natural sugar recipes, you aren’t going to like them right away. They are mildly sweet and you have to chew them pretty well in order to really get the sweetness. But if you haven’t had a cookie in goodness knows how long, you will love them!

My alterations include:

Omitting the chocolate chips because she doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies
Replacing the sugar with an equal amount of honey
Adding a handful of old fashioned oats to make up for the extra moisture and to add a bit of texture

My mama is happy and I am happy that she is happy. I’m so glad I looked!

(Also, my arugula is big enough to harvest a bit of to go with Papa’s birthday supper.)

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