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Things Are Growing!

So, it is the first week of March and according to my carefully organized seeds, it is time to plant some more stuff!

The forecast said that there was a 0% chance of rain today so I grabbed my gardening basket and herded a very excited Mr. Bubbles out the door. Halfway through planting the fancy heirloom corn it started raining. At first I started grabbing all of my tools to head inside, but Mr. Bubbles had already discovered a puddle beneath the eaves of the porch and was soaked thoroughly, so I just shrugged and kept on working. Saves me from having to water the garden when I’m done planting.

Before I headed to the front porch to hose the mud off of Mr. Bubbles I had planted some zucchini, some yellow squash, cucumbers, Blue Jade corn, red giant sunflowers, and of course more turnips.

All of my pea plants have sprouted! Yay! A couple of radishes are finally poking their heads up as well, but they don’t seem to have the same tolerance for being sat on by felines as the arugula does so I might have to replant. The arugula is growing very quickly and some of the turnips I planted at the beginning of the season have sprouted as well.

Not bad for a garden that is minimally weeded (most of the weeds in my garden are edible) and has never been watered by anything other than the sky.

Live Long and Prosper

Leonard Nimoy died this morning. When I saw the news pop up on my Facebook feed I immediately opened a new tab to search and verify, hoping that it was one of those hoaxes that seems to infest my Facebook.

It wasn’t.

I cried.

I’m still crying.

When I was a kid I would watch Star Trek every chance I could get. Spock was my hero. I wanted to be a Vulcan and if I couldn’t be one I wanted to marry one. He was my first crush and my heart still skips a beat when I hear a clip of his voice. (sorry, Hubby)

When I was a child I had no real control over my emotions. The slightest change in routine would leave me in tears and the slightest upset would set off temper tantrums that I could not stop. I wanted to stop, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t a spoiled brat like everyone assumed I was.  I hated crying, I still hate to cry, I just couldn’t help it.

I identified with Spock. He came from a logical, rational race that had suppressed all of their emotions and that was what he tried to be. When his emotions did surface, it was always explosive and unstable. That was how I felt: constantly trying to remain calm and but still exploding into a teary mess.

With Spock in mind, I practiced breathing exercises and relaxation techniques and any other kind of emotional control I could learn or figure out. I still cry at the drop of a hat, but it is less taxing and easier to stop now. Between my mother’s patient coaching and Spock’s influence I can now go several days, if not weeks, without crying, which is a big deal.

So thank you, Leonard Nimoy. You had no idea who I am or what you did for me, but I appreciate it still and I’m going to miss you.

Kohlrabi, Kohlrabi, Kohlrabi

That is an awesome word. Kohlrabi. Say it. Seriously, say it out loud. Kohlrabi.

Isn’t that fun?


Anyway, I planted some kohlrabi (heh, kohlrabi) today. I have never had any, but my father in law likes it and the seeds were twenty cents, so I set aside about three feet of garden space to try and grow them. We’ll see how that turns out.

Oh! One of my pea plants finally sprouted! We got a lot of rain the past couple of days so maybe my garden will start showing some production for all of the work I’ve put into it so far. (The arugula is still alive, despite being sat on by the cat, again.)

My mom is back from helping out my sisters who live out of state (she is awesome like that) and now she is helping me out (because she is awesome like that). Just yesterday she solved two major problems I had everyday in just a few minutes!

Hubby has to wear cotton bandanas to work to keep from setting his hair on fire, and he also needed someplace to put his jackets and other work gear. The treadmill used to be the collection area, until it was used and then the stuff just ended up on the ground. Well, Mama hung up a set of hooks and a cool wire thingy so that Hubby’s work gear can be neatly hung up behind the door (and out of the way) and the bandanas can go on the wire thingy so he can easily find them.


The Best Laid Plans…

Today I planned to make freezer pizzas for Hubby. I have all of the stuff I need to make yummy sausage and bell pepper pizzas.

For supper I made boiled turnips (the root, not the greens) and barbeque hamburger patties. I like to hide a couple of potatoes in the turnips for a bit of texture, but when I reached into the ten pound bag of russet potatoes, the first one I grabbed was rotten.

So I dumped the whole bag into the sink, tossed the rotten ones in the compost, and peeled and sliced the others to make steak fries to store in the freezer. I have about seven pounds of steak fries cooling on the counter that don’t have any preservatives or additives in them, and it didn’t take too long to rescue three bucks worth of taters. Hmm… three bucks for a bag of potatoes versus four for a bag of steak fries that has only half as much…

Anyway, I went ahead and cooked up a giant package of ground beef while I was making the steak fries. That was also bagged up into two pound portions and tossed in the freezer for whenever I might need some pre-cooked beef. Eventually I will start making gluten free meatballs and hamburger patties, but for now I just cook it and wrap it.

So I got a lot done this evening, just not the pizzas I had been planning.

Fried Green Tomatoes

I have decided to read 100 books. That actually isn’t too big of a deal for me because I absolutely love to read and will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. However, this time I have a list of one hundred books that everyone needs to read. I just have to decide if I am going to re-read any on the list that I’ve already read or just go ahead and cross them off.

Anyway, today I made a week’s worth of blueberry-apple packs for Mr. Bubbles. He approves of the flavor and I approve of the fiber and antioxidants.

I also made fried green tomatoes for the first time tonight, gluten free of course. They weren’t bad at all, I just need to remember to salt and pepper them next time. My recipe? I sliced the tomatoes, dipped the slices in corn meal, and fried them in coconut oil. Yep. That’s it… I always take the easy route when it comes to cooking.

They Made It!

My baby arugula plants survived the freeze! Yay! I’m already glad that I got those seeds as they seem to be tough little beasties. If they can survive wild temperature swings, being sat on by multiple cats, and accidental neglect, they are more than welcome to stay in my garden.

Hubby used up the last of his pre-made lunches today so I’ve been baking up a storm. I have a batch of chicken and carrot hot pockets, a batch of sausage and cheese hot pockets, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies all made and cooling.

I made a little too much dough for the amount of hot-pocket filling I had on hand (still a couple of days until shopping day) so I rolled out the extra and made a whole-grain pizza crust for my dad to keep in the freezer so he can whip up a fancy pizza whenever he feels like it.

Come to think of it, I should make freezer pizzas for Hubby. Pizza night costs a pretty penny, especially because Mr. Bubbles and I have to buy the gluten-free crusts. Between the gluten free frozen pizzas the store carries (for a quarter of the cost of delivery) and making my own, I bet I could save quite a bit. I bet I could make them healthy too if I made a whole grain crust and put a lot of veggie toppings on it.

Hmmm. I will have to do a bit of research and try that out.

Fingers Crossed

I bought some organic, heirloom arugula seeds a couple of months ago. I planted them when the package said to for my area, but I didn’t water them because I wanted them to germinate slowly, preferably after the predicted cold snap. (It dropped into the upper twenties last night.)

The thing about plants though, especially plants that you purposely chose for their “weed-like” properties, is they have their own ideas. Despite not being watered and it not raining and the cat using the plot as a dust bath, the arugula decided to sprout not a day before the freeze.

And I forgot to cover them. Hopefully they survive.